World Class Agricultural & Civil Machinery

Ag and Civil Machinery is a New Zealand based company, sourcing machinery from America, Canada and Europe. Supplying our agricultural and civil contractors with world class machinery. 

Hire and Purchase options available

Whether your work involves roading, earthmoving, site, or soil preparation, we can help you with either hire or purchase options. 

We can supply:

  • Heavy-duty mulching and cultivation equipment for forest, construction, or agriculture. 

  • Heavy-duty civil and agricultural discs 

  • Graders and scrapers with laser options 

  • Drawbar and dolly trailed scrapers

  • High-quality dump trailers

We have options for hire on most brands and products we stock. Whether you need it for a day, a week, or a month, we can arrange a hire to suit your needs. 

Our Brands

Andrew Meuli 
(Bostock NZ) 

"Just letting you know that we are very satisfied with the performance of the new Bunning muck spreader. It has massively increased our productivity and efficiency within our spreading program. The spread rate is relatively accurate across our range from 5 t/ha to 20 t /ha across 3 different products. Only 1 shear bolt and a loader tractor window to report at this stage!!!

Thanks for the sale of a great product."


Paul Keen 

"I've had 3 Shelbourne Muck Spreaders since 2015, the only time I got rid of one was to upgrade in size from the 2400 to the 3200, they've been the best I've used. The vertical door that uses the complete width of the rotor makes it very convenient and the adjustable blades are so handy. They have a good pull, travel light on any terrain no matter how light or heavy. Overall they're an impressive spreader and do a lovely job. 

Thanks to Bruce for his consistent amazing service, one phone call away and everything is sorted. Good as gold."

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