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Specialist Blades and Scrapers to suit a variety of applications and jobs.

In the agricultural sector we enjoy a long experience with graders and scrapers. Our products are designed and manufactured with high technology and certified in accordance with CE requirements.

Montefiori Graders

"High tecnlology has led us to build a tool that is not only a grader but also a machine that can carry out large earth movements in a very short time thanks to the construction of a broken-line gooseneck bin chassis that allows to increase the space between the blade and the chassis in order to carry larger volumes of earth, and thanks to a differential radius blade and a patented bent cutting blade that allows perfect and fast earth rolling thus giving the possibility of moving a large volume of earth rapidly and with low energy."

Perfect for any kind of work: rice-fields, piains for flooding irrigation, double slope plains and any other requirement or type of culture.

Montefiori Scrapers  

"Perfect for the longdistance displacements also of wet or sandy soil, with unloading of the ground through a hatchback type “Ejector” and a small front door against the fall of the ground. Being subject to huge strains during work, the chassis, the hatchback, the bulkhead and helm are the essential parts of this machine; that’s why they are built in steel sheet reinforced with cold bent profiles, and assembled so as to make each individual parts resistant and long lasting. Thanks to it’s design, the whole structure is so resistant that it can even be towed by tractors with power exceeding 600 HP, or with a push-tow tug."

Montefiori Lucciola scraper


Hauled Grading Machine  with stationary axle, not enlargeable – single wheels. It is a construction of high technology. Encased chassis like a swan neck, with wide light between blade and chassis

Montefiori Roma 300 Extensible

Roma 300 Extensible

The Roma 300 Extensible  can be supplied in 3 versions:
System controlled manually, direct from the tractor
System operated automatically using the hydraulic control of the tractor, piloted by laser

Montefiori Roma 400L

Roma 400L 

High-technology produce Gooseneck chassis with bin, wide port between blades and chassis, ensuring the machine can contain a large amount of soil while rolling it perfectly and quickly.

Montefiori roma 500L

Roma 500L 

The revolutionary machine that changed the whole soil-moving system replacing all traditional means. High-technology product 

Montefiori roma 600L

Roma 600L 

A grader incorporating, a laser system. High technology has led us to build a tool that is not only a grader but also a machine that can carry out large earth movements in a very short time

Montefiori roma 700L

Roma 700L

Towed grader arranged to be controlled by Laser or GPS system. With broken-line swan-neck bin chassis.

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