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Erth Engineering specialise in functional, robust market leading farm machinery which are designed and built at its base in Co Down, Northern Ireland.

Specialist design and manufacture of the Panbuster Subsoiler and Agriseeder Seed Drill along with a range of other non-powered cultivation equipment.

Erth Agriseeder

Ag & Civil Machinery Direct are importers of these unique undersowers direct from the factory in Ireland.

The Erth Agriseeder has 24 disc coulters set at 5″spacings.  They are rubber mounted on three separate floating sections for contour following.  We imported them spec’d with a large airseeder hooper with the famous Accord metering system and simple mechanical drive.  No electronics to operate!  Mechanical hectare meter, all on a solid galvanised frame.

What sets the Erth Agriseeder from the rest?

  • Firm surface with minimal disturbance

  • Less moisture loss

  • Doesn’t life stones

  • Exceptional performance wet or dry

  • Superb depth control on undulating ground

  • Lowe HP requirement; Tractors from 100HP

Erth Panbuster

Grow more grass! Premium quality auto reset subsoiler designed for grassland use. A well aerated soil with good root structure can significantly increase grass yield potential. It stands to reason that you cannot get good plant growth above ground if there is not a good root structure below the ground.
Independent tests show that with subsoiling there is an average 21% increase in dry matter across a range of soil types.

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