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MeriCrushers are reliable and efficient and suitable for demanding professional land clearing. Typical uses include clearing land for cultivation, building site preparation, peat cultivation, forestry, gorse removal, race maintenance, and rock crushing.

MeriCrusher MJS Mulcher

Power range 110-300hp
Rotor diameter 500mm / 20"
Working depth 250mm / 10"

Well suited for forestry clearing, farmland clearing, soil reclamation, crushing stumps, clearing construction and development sites, clearing and clean up after harvest, and other demanding works. The MeriCrusher MJS PTO-driven mulcher has a 10" (250mm) maximum subsoil working depth. With a wide power range, and either triple row chain drive (MJS/C), or field-proven Suokone gear drive (MJS/G), the MeriCrusher MJS forestry mulcher is the first choice for contractors.

New Zealand Stocked. 

MeriCrusher MJ Mulcher

Power range 50 - 150 hp
Rotor diameter 400mm / 16"
Working depth 200mm / 8"

Used with small PTO-driven urban and agricultural tractors of different sizes, the MeriCrusher MJ is Versatile and Efficient. Mulcher is suitable for crushing stumps, leftover logging debris and general forestry and land clearing and soil reclamation work to a maximum working depth of 8" (200mm). Also used for general summer and winter maintenance of gravel roads. Suitable for crushing ice on roads and sidewalks to level the surface and improve traction.

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MeriCrusher MJH Mulcher

Power range 200-750hp
Rotor diameter 600mm / 24"
Working depth 300mm / 12"

Designed for medium and large tractors up to 750hp, the MeriCrusher MJHS mulcher is engineered for heavy-duty forestry and land clearing where Effectiveness and Durability are paramount. With a subsoil working depth of 12"(300mm), the MJH/G series are equipped with dual G-series gear transmissions, while the MJH/X series feature single or dual X-series gear transmissions. Modular design and engineering allow for optimal selection of components for efficient operation, and future upgrades.

Available to order.

MeriCrusher MJF Mulcher

Power range 280-750hp
Rotor diameter 800mm / 31"
Working depth 400mm / 16"

Designed and engineered to the highest standards of Efficiency, Reliability and Durability, MeriCrusher MJFS PTO-driven mulchers works with large tractors up to 750hp. Equipped with the latest technology and advancements, subsoiling working depths up to 16" (400mm) are achievable. Single or dual X-series gear transmission with modular design and engineering allows for upgrades and future component changes.

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MeriTractor MT 700 

Equipped with mechanical power take-off, the MT-700 is the most efficient crawler tractor on the market. The MT-700 is able to operate under conditions where conventional tractors lose power and traction. Thanks to adequate engine power, and a mechanical power take-off, the MT-700 enables quicker, more efficient operation, at a lower cost per hectare.

Available to order. 

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