About Us

Ag and Civil Machinery Direct is a division formed off Waikato Tractors Ltd in 2017. To meet the demand for changing customer needs, particularly in the contracting sector where operators are seeking out new opportunities. 

Ag and Civil are focused on providing world-class machinery directly to our New Zealand agricultural and civil contractors. We import our machinery from America, Canada, and Europe. 

With the opportunity to import internationally, we only appeal to provide the highest quality.

Whether your work involves roading, earthworks sites, or soil preparation, we have the machinery to meet your needs. We can supply you with heavy-duty mulching and cultivation equipment for forest construction or agriculture, heavy-duty civil and agricultural discs, graders and scrapers with laser options, drawbar, and dolly trailed scrapers, and high-quality dump trailers. 

2023 so far for Ag and Civil Machinery has been a year of growth, with some exciting projects and achievements. 

We have had the fortunate opportunity to represent Bunning Muck Spreaders as New Zealand's sole dealer. We appreciate being able to offer one of the world's leading muck spreader brands to our nation. 

In addition to the projects we've been working on, we've been collaborating with Moreni agriculture machinery. Later this year, we're introducing something exciting to the table regarding some of the world's leading Power Harrows. Keep an eye out for that.